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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

ALUCOBOND has an environmental product declaration (EPD) according to international ISO standards. The “ecological footprint” is examined by an independent third party. The EPD provides information on the environmental impact and environmental implications of the product, such as energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) or water consumption. The document serves as proof for the sustainability certification of buildings.

Further information

To evaluate the sustainability of a building, you need comprehensive information about the building products used. Environmental product declarations (EPDs) have been developed so that architects and specialist planners receive this information in a clear format. They provide all the important information – such as the life cycle assessment (LCA) results – for an ecological evaluation at the building level. Besides this, they also contain additional information regarding use (for instance about the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during use) as well as details on durability and recoverability. Environmental product declarations also serve as a basis for the sustainability certification of buildings. Thanks to holistic evaluation procedures, it is nowadays possible to analyse a building with regard to its sustainable quality.