The High gloss aluminum composite panel have been in high demand over the last few years. As a matter of fact,this is because of the fact that the sign boards represent quite diverse options with consistent features. The most common applications of high gloss sign boards would be the usage in wall cladding & roof edging, billboards & signs, used in shop fronts and interior and external wall cladding. However,one of the biggest advantages of high gloss sign boards is the fact that they come out in a variety of colors for this sole reason ,and the usage of high glass color sign boards is quite common in the realm of marketing such as billboards.

It has the features of excellent surface flatness and smoothness,various uniform colors,simply cleaning,fire-resistance and can be easily processed. The high gloss aluminum composite panel are generally used in advertisement board,signboards,wallboard,ceiling and constructional exterior curtain walls. The processing of making high gloss aluminium composite sheet panel is to use a heat-conducting epoxy layer filled with aluminum to bond flat ribs to a grooved base plate of extrusion. Therefore, the surface of high gloss aluminum composite panel will be more uniform.


- Super peeling strength
- Excellent surface flatness and smoothness
- Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance
- Even coating, various colors
- Fireproof, excellent heat and sound insulation
- Superior impact resistance
- Lightweight and easy to process
- Easy to maintain, self-clean

Our Projects

We  offer a wide range of Aluminium Structural Glazing. These are available in various sizes and specifications.

Our Aluminium works can be customized as per our customer specifications and it can be availed at most reasonable prices.


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We have been engaged in installation of aluminum-plastic plate fore more than 10 years, we have strict quality control system, we can assure every piece of panel we Install.

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We have professional after-installation service team, which consist of experienced professionals. If you have any questions after installation, you can call us all day.

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As we have above advantages, we own numerous customers across the country and other african countries..

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No matter how complex your project is, We can complete installation in less than no time.